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The people in the 'know' don't always get it right. Some of the world's best loved characters, books and authors nearly didn't make it:

JK Rowling was advised by an editor to 'get a day job' since she had little chance of making money in children's book.

450+ million sales

Dan Brown was rejected by publishers because his book was 'so badly written'.

80+ million sales

Canfield & Hansen received over 140 rejections because 'Anthologies don't sell'.

125+ million sales

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Check out the success of some existing BNBS authors. This really could be you.

Ring of Smoke
by Diane O'Toole

#7 Amazon Best Seller
Serial Killer
January 2016

76 reviews

by Ryan Mark

#3 Amazon Best Seller
October 2015

89 reviews

by David McCaffrey

#2 Amazon Best Seller
Serial Killer
December 2015

48 reviews

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