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Meet Amelia: desperate, she shoots her father as he sleeps. There is blood everywhere, and his eyes are shut forever, but she is distraught it hasn't worked. Distraught that it means she is still stuck in this desolate place known as Futurespan.

Meanwhile, on another level Jetson goes through the mysterious doors to relive the worst day of his life, and see two versions of his future: one where all of his nightmares are real.

Futurespan is a world quite apart from our own: it is a timeless, unsettling place.

Join Tabitha, Rin and Diggory as they journey together through the strangeness to discover what kind of place it really is, why they are here and most importantly if they can get out.


I have always loved stories and I am a complete book addict. I have written for as long as I can remember, but only recently have I found the courage and determination it takes to actually make it to the end of a novel: Futurespan is my first! I am originally from the North East, where my supportive family (Mum, Nan and Granddad) still live. I went to the University of Leeds and gained my Radiography degree in 2011, and have since been working as a Radiographer (x-raying people) in North Yorkshire, where I met my lovely boyfriend Karl. I am an ENFP (Myers-Briggs personality type) for those who might be interested. I care passionately, and often way too much, about anything that is truly important (or captures my interest). I adore fantasy as I love to immerse myself in and dream up interesting, complex worlds that capture the imagination. And I have forever been fascinated with the human condition and the idea of fate. It is amazing how one seemingly small decision can change the path we're on completely and irrevocably. Stories just seem to find their way into my head. Writing is my biggest love, and being published my hugest dream come true. I have forever been inspired by amazing authors such as Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Phillip Pullman and Hugh Howey to name just a few. If I could achieve even a fraction of what they have I would be a very happy writer!
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